Rhinostat PM. Preservative free, partial strength decongestant solutions.

Rhinostat PM Kits are preservative free, reduced strength decongestant sprays intended for use primarily before bedtime.

Full strength decongestant sprays can cause severe rebound congestion and can lead to rhinitis medicamentosa (RM) when used over an extended period of time.

To help prevent RM from developing while still deriving the benefits of the topical vasoconstrictors, Rhinostat has developed a line of precisely diluted decongestant solutions which are formulated at a small fraction of the original strength. These Rhinostat PM solutions are intended for use primarily at bedtime.  Some patient groups who may benefit from Rhinostat PM are:

  • Patients who experience congestion while lying down.
  • Sleep apnea patients
  • Patients taking E.D. medications (to overcome nasal congestion, which is a commonly reported side effect.)

Available in 1%, 2%, 3.5% and 5% strengths, Rhinostat PM is designed to provide comfortable decongestant relief at night, without provoking the need to use it during the daytime. A starter sample kit is available which contains one bottle of each of the 4 available strengths. The suggested starting strength is 2%.

Rhinostat PM kits are free of the preservative Benzylkonium Chloride, which has been shown to exacerbate rhinitis medicamentosa. Each Rhinostat PM kit contains a one month supply (4 individual bottles, to be used for one week each.) Since these solutions are not preserved, each bottle is used for only one week. Prior to use, the bottles should be stored in the freezer to inhibit microbial growth. Detailed instructions are sent with each Rhinostat PM kit.

Rhinostat PM uses a pump spray dispenser. Please select your formulation and desired strength from the links in right hand column of the table below.

The sample starter kit contains one bottle of each strength. If you prefer to start with 4 bottles of equal strength, the suggested starting level is the 2%

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Rhinostat PM Kits contain either Oxymetazoline or Phenylephrine.  Please make your selection based upon the active ingredient in your current decongestant spray.  The active ingredient will be indicated on the packaging or the bottle itself.

For Patients Using Oxymetazoline Based Sprays

% Of Normal StrengthDescriptionFormulaPrice 
1% (Weakest)Rhinostat PM 1%Oxymetazoline HcL 0.0005%
$19.00Add To Cart
2% (Suggested Starting Strength)Rhinostat PM 2%Oxymetazoline HcL 0.0010%
$19.00Add To Cart
3.5%Rhinostat PM 3.5%Oxymetazoline HcL 0.0018%
$19.00Add To Cart
5.0% (Strongest)Rhinostat PM 5%Oxymetazoline HcL 0.0025%
$19.00Add To Cart
Oxymetazoline Starter Kit1 Each of all 4 aboveMultiple Strengths$19.00Add To Cart

For Patients Using Phenylephrine Based Sprays

% Of Normal StrengthDescriptionFormulaPrice 
1% (Weakest)Rhinostat PM 1%Phenylephrine Hcl 0.01%
$19.00Add To Cart
2% (Suggested Starting Strength)Rhinostat PM 2%Phenylephrine Hcl 0.02%
$19.00Add To Cart
3.5%Rhinostat PM 3.5%Phenylephrine HcL 0.035%
$19.00Add To Cart
5.0% (Strongest)Rhinostat PM 5%Phenylephrine HcL 0.05%
$19.00Add To Cart
Phenylephrine Starter Kit1 Each of all 4 aboveMultiple Strengths$19.00Add To Cart