How Rhinostat Works

The patented Rhinostat apparatus works via precise, serial dosage titration.

The cornerstone of Rhinitis Medicamentosa treatment is always the same; patients must discontinue their use of the decongestant nasal sprays.  If the sprays are abruptly withdrawn, it leads to a 4-7 day period of complete congestion and discomfort.  Very few RM patients are able to tolerate this and usually return to their use of the sprays within 12-24 hours.

By withdrawing gradually via precise dosage titration, normal airflow can be maintained during the weaning process.  The patented Rhinostat apparatus and diluent solution make it possible for RM patients to control the dosage strength as they gradually wean themselves from the decongestants.  During the withdrawal process (which generally takes from 17-41 days) patients use Rhinostat to provide decongestant relief as needed, just as they would their normal decongestant sprays.  Each day, the Rhinostat Kit is “cycled” which dilutes the active compound by approximately 10-15% on average.

Each day that Rhinostat users abstain from administering a full strength dose represents progress toward the goal of ending the addiction to nasal spray.  Because the rebound reaction is directly proportional to dosage strength, the weakened doses that Rhinostat delivers provoke a progressively diminished swelling of the mucosa when the medication wears off.  The nasal turbinates gradually return to a normal state and the body’s own decongestant abilities return.

The Rhinostat diluent solution is a buffered, isotonic saline formulation which is free of the benzylkonium chloride preservative known to exacerbate RM. In addition, the osmotic pressure of the diluent solution is precisely matched to the decongestant, so it remains constant throughout the withdrawal process.  Rhinostat patients track their progress each day using a chart provided with each Rhinostat Kit.

Rhinostat kits are individually formulated for each patient and no prescription is required. During the ordering process, you will be asked to provide the active compound in your current decongestant spray. Because each vasoconstrictor has a different mechanism of action, it is imperative that you receive a kit formulated with the correct compound. Our kits are formulated and shipped within one business day.

Rhinostat offers an unconditional money back guarantee.  If, for any reason, you are unable to wean yourself from the decongestant sprays using Rhinostat, the kit may be returned to us for an immediate and cheerful refund.  If you should catch a cold and require a second kit during the withdrawal process, Rhinostat will provide another kit for free.

Our shipments are discretely packaged to protect your medical privacy. Rhinostat is based in Florida, United States.  Worldwide shipping is available via US Postal Service First Class Mail.

Rhinostat is an A+ Rated Member of the Florida Better Business Bureau (BBB.)  Since 1999, we have been dedicated to helping individuals comfortably wean themselves from decongestant nasal sprays.  Our shipments are discretely packaged to protect your medical privacy.

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About Rhinostat Labs

The most common compound we formulate is Oxymetazoline Hcl, followed by Phenylephrine Hcl and Xylometazoline Hcl.  Xylometazoline Hcl is very rare in the USA but popular in Canada, Europe and Asia.  We also formulate combination kits for individuals who may be using more than one spray.  The most common combination is Oxymetazoline and Phenylephrine, which is available as a combination kit in our shopping cart area.  If you require a custom formulation with a different active ingredient, please contact us.